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Notice 1 May 2019

After many contests we had decided to stop the referral contest. We had to make this decision as it bring more bad then good referrals for the amount that is given away for the contest. This decision is not bad news, it is good news for all our members and special for our upgraded members. The $250 that we normal give away with the referral contest will now be used to promote myfreeshares for our upgraded members. So if you are upgraded this means you have more change to get randomly referrals. If you are not upgraded be sure to upgrade.
Click here to find our upgraded memberships

Why it is good for all members? -> The new advertising we use will bring more active people, which means as well more active advertisers so more ads for all!

Referral Contests

MyFreeShares Monthly Referral Contest $350 Real Cash to WIN!

02/15/2018 00:00 - 03/15/2018 00:00 / 200000 members

MyFreeShares Monthly Referral Contest!
Make the most referrals between 15 February till 15 March
Total $350 on Real Cash to WIN!
+ Earn 10 shares for each referral that earned $1.50.
Contest is updated each 24 hours
Member must be active by click an X number of PTC ads
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1.nadrav91$200 Real Cash (need 100 active referrals otherwise you receive $100)
2.roninz86$50 Real Cash
3.gazzon37$25 Real Cash
4.vikivbusiness20$20 Real Cash
5.ulikotek17$15 Real Cash
6.man1238413$10 Real Cash
7.subrao12$9 Real Cash
8.dado6110$8 Real Cash
9.dobriyelf9$7 Real Cash
10.rmccarron28$6 Real Cash
11.xauravz7$5 Real Cash
12.zgani126$4 Real Cash
13.vlasiya6$3 Real Cash
14.vikearn6$2 Real Cash
15.hafensaenger6$1 Real Cash
16.ylia42675$1 Real Cash
17.makarof315$1 Real Cash
18.m2wjobster5$1 Real Cash
19.rebelshiko5$1 Real Cash
20.happymuppet5$1 Real Cash