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There are many programs you can promote online as almost each website had an affiliate program. On this page we put on some very easy to promote programs. This means you can easy earn cash with them. The first program is really something you must join as you can build easy splash pages on them to promote more programs in ones. And no worry this is very easy!  

1. Traffic Exchanges -> EasyHits4U is The program everyone must Join!

Best Traffic Exchange Online Most Members best Traffic!
Build your own Splash pages, so you can promote more program in ones! Click here for an example!
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Rotator URL so you can easy promote more programs with 1 URL!
Great Referral Program earn Traffic and Commissions
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Why should I Promote Traffic Exchanges?
1. To make Referrals on them and with that receive Free Extra Traffic at Trafficexhanges!
2. To earn Referral commisions which you most earn when they purchase upgrade's or traffic!

Some other Great Manual Traffic exchanges you can use : LeadsLeap , InfinityTrafficBoost , TrafficG , TrafficSwarmEasyhits4U , Hit2Hit  , Hits-a-Million ,NewWaySurf
For more Manual Traffic Exchanges:


2. Paid to Click/Signup Websites!-> TimeBucks is one of the Best PTC/PTS online!!

TimeBucks had the Most ways to earn Cash!
Earn Cash with Paid To Click, Paid To Signup, Review websites!
Earn more with Offewalls, Surveys, Watch Video and so Much more!
5 Level Level Program and $1 Signup Bonus!
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Why should I Promote Paid to Click/Signup Sites?
1. To earn referral Commissions, the % depends on site and can go up to 100%!
2. As they are same sort site they are easy to promote and bring easy Referrals!!

Some other Great Paid to Click/Signup Websites you can use : AdBTC , CointiPly! , Neobux , AdFeedz , PTCShare , TimeBucks , FaucetPay

3. Paid To Promote !-> Rotate4All Best Paid To Promote!!

The easiest way to earn, promote your URL and earn!!
Earn up to $0.004 per Visit to your URL!
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1. Most easy way to earn, promote URL and get Paid. No refs needed to earn!!
2. Promote your URl and get Automatic Referrals that let you earn even more!

Some other Great Paid To Promote Websites you can use : IndexBitCo PTP and More! , Rotate4all!!

4. Faucet Programs!-> FreeBitCo Best Faucet ONLINE!!

Earn up to $200 each hour on Faucet!!!
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Multiply, Betting, Lottery, Daily Intrest, Reward System and MORE!
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Why should I Promote Faucet Programs?
1. They are very easy in use so many people that join are active and bring you then earnings!
2. They pay in Coins, so when coin grow your balance can grow up fast in dollars worth!!

Some other Faucet Websites you can use : SatoshiHero!! , Claim 10 Different Coins with Different Timers!! , GigaBet Casino With Free Faucet!! , LuckyFish Casino With Free Faucet!! , IndexBitCo Faucet and More! , FreeBitCo!!

5. Free Casino Play Sites! -> LuckyFish Best Free Faucet Casino!!!

Unlimited Faucet Claims each 2 Minute!!
Play Casino 100% Free and Win REAL!!
Different Coins to Claim like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin and more!!
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Amazing Vip System with Rakeback and more!
Receive a weekly eamail with up to 500 Dogecoins to Play!!
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Why should I Promote Free Casino Play Sites?
1. People Can Play Free and you Earn Commission when they play no matter if they lose or WIN!!
2. Nice games so people wanted to play daily, so easy to earn BIG commissions each day!!

Some other Free Casino Play Sites you can use : GigaBet Casino With Free Faucet!! , Crypto-Games Faucet up to 6150 Satoshi per CLAIM!!! , Bc.Game Casino with Faucet and 3 Ref Levels!! , OneHash Faucet Games!!! , LuckyFish Casino With Free Faucet!! , FreeBitCo Not a Casino But Great Multiply to play!!!

6. Free Games, Earn Real Cash! -> GoalTyCoon Best Free Earning Game!!

Play Free Football Manager earn Real CASH!!
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1. They are easy to promote as many people like Play Free Games!!
2. People like Free Games, they will heavy Play with Bring you HIGH Ref Earnings!

Some other Free Games Earn Real Cash Sites you can use : Bitcoin-Bum Economic Simulator!!! , BitFun Play Games Earn Satoshi! , RollerCoin Play Games, Earn Satoshi Daily! , Golden-Tea Grow Virtual Tea and earn!!! , GoalTyCoon free Football Manager!

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